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holi run

Almost 15,000 people took part in the Holi Run which brought a shower of colour to the city
15.02.16 - 14:48 -
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Malaga painted red, blue, pink...
Coloured powder filled the air around the Martín Carpena. :: ÑITO SALAS
It was a Valentine's Day like no other for the around 12,000 runners who took part in the Holi Run close to Malaga's Palacio de Deportes on Sunday afternoon.
Few were interested in setting times in the five-kilometre course which is a take on the Hindu spring festival. Here, the main objective was to cross the finishing line in a covering of as many different coloured powders as possible.
At the end, the party truly began as revellers enjoyed music played by DJ Ben Hassel and the dance show put on by Daenerys.


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