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A survey carried out by the European Commission puts Malaga in 11th place out of 79 EU cities, in terms of residents' satisfaction
05.02.16 - 11:50 -
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Malaga, the top city in Spain in the European ranking of citizens' satisfaction
View of Malaga City. :: SUR
“There’s nowhere better to live than in Malaga”. Who hasn’t heard that often-used phrase? The curious thing is that it doesn’t usually come from people who have moved elsewhere or those who have returned from a trip, but from people who have never left the city and therefore have nothing with which to compare it.
The latest Eurobarometer reveals to what extent the people of Malaga are correct in their assumption. The survey, which analyses the quality of life in 79 European cities, puts Malaga in 11th place in terms of its inhabitants’ satisfaction. The other three Spanish cities which feature in this survey by the European Commission - Madrid, Barcelona and Oviedo - are ranked below Malaga.
How exactly was the survey carried out? The authors telephoned around 500 people in each city. They asked them a series of questions about the quality of life in their municipality and the residents had to say whether they agreed strongly, agreed to a certain extent, disagreed to a certain extent or strongly disagreed. To the affirmation “I feel satisfied that I live in Malaga,” 97 per cent of those surveyed agreed (to be specific, 75 per cent said they strongly agreed, 22 per cent agreed to a certain extent, two per cent disagreed and one per cent strongly disagreed).
The Eurobarometer analysed many other questions: from the level of satisfaction with public transport, health facilities, education, public areas, sports facilities and culture, to job opportunities, integration of foreigners, security, cleanliness and the ease of finding a place to live. It also analysed people’s personal situation, asking them about their work or “life in general.”
In which areas did Malaga stand out? Apart from the aforementioned general satisfaction of its residents, it came third (equal to Athens) out of the 79 cities with regard to finding reasonably priced housing.
About 62 per cent of its inhabitants answered this question positively (at the other extreme, 95 per cent of those questioned in Paris said they were not happy).
The level of integration of foreigners is another aspect in which Malaga did well, occupying seventh place on the ranking with 71 per cent approval.
Best for culture
One of the conclusions of the Eurobarometer which will undoubtedly have caused satisfaction at Malaga City Hall is that it is the European city in which the evaluation of cultural facilities has improved the most.
The mayor’s efforts to make this a city of museums appear to have paid off, because the level of satisfaction among local residents with this type of facility has risen by 11 points since the last survey was carried out (2012), and is now at 75 per cent.
What don’t the people of Malaga like about their city?The conclusions of the Eurobarometer won’t come as much of a surprise. Dirt and unemployment are the main concerns. Malaga is the 10th city in Europe in terms of bad results for cleanliness (63% of those surveyed were not happy) and fifth on the list with regard to job opportunities (85 per cent believe it is not easy to find work and 35 per cent are not satisfied with their personal work situation).
There were also bad marks for the availability of shops, as in the other Spanish cities.
It is therefore not surprising that, when asked what were the top three problems in their city, the people who were surveyed in Malaga said unemployment first, followed by health and education.


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