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noche en blanco 2015

On Saturday night, a city-wide night of culture will submerge the city
15.05.15 - 18:46 -
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Noche en Blanco returns to Malaga
Some of the 240+ organisers of the events. :: SUR
Between 8pm and 2am on Saturday, Noche en Blanco, a city-wide night of culture, will submerge Malaga.
With a total of 183 cultural activities planned over a six-hour period, the evening has become a mainstay in the city’s growing list of cultural highlights.
This year has a marine theme, which will run through the city. Giant jellyfish will dangle overhead on Calle Larios; there will be a giant seashell, making sounds of the sea; and a storm will rage in the Rectory at UMA.
We will also see some new additions to the programme this time, as the recently opened Pompidou Centre and Russian Museum join the action.
Many museums will offer free entry over the weekend, and will, of course, join in with the theme. The Picasso Foundation will transform the painter’s former home into an aquarium, with sketchings of fish in the windows, while the Pompidou Centre will host a show called ‘La pieza blanca’, which will mimic the movements of the ocean.
But the events will not be restricted just to the galleries and museums; it will pour out onto Malaga’s streets. An open-air spa will come to Plaza de Félix Sáenz, and on the pier a group of artists will be attempting to paint the largest seascape ever created.
Theatre and dance will also come out onto the streets in the many open-air performances to be seen during the evening. Plaza de la Merced will host dancing group Ximena Carnivale, who will give shows at 10 and 11pm, and there will be storytelling on the CAC’s terrace. Meanwhile, the Cervantes theatre will put on a night of opera.
There will be many of activities for children to get involved in this year. From a pirate treasure hunt on the Alcazabilla to crime-solving activities on the pier and a specially-designed ocean zone for children in the Russian Museum, there will be plenty for them to do.