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The Rock’s FA want a UEFA exemption so that national games can be played at its 5,000-seater stadium rather than in Portugal
06.03.15 - 12:42 -
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Gibraltar’s Victoria Stadium could host international football matches
Victoria Stadium sits right beside Gibraltar’s International Airport. :: SUR
Gibraltar football chiefs are exploring the possibility of hosting international games at Victoria Stadium.
Under current UEFA rules exemptions can be made to host competitive matches if a stadium does not match the minimum standards due to hardship.
Last December, UEFA ordered an assessment of Victoria Stadium to see if it was feasible that international games could be held at the multi-purpose stadium.
The Gibraltar FA is now waiting for the conclusion of UEFA.
The Gibraltar Chronicle quoted a UEFA spokesperson as saying: “At the moment we cannot judge whether the Gibraltar FA will qualify as an exemption.
“Any possible judgements will be done for future competitions and, for the current Euro qualifiers, matches will be played at the scheduled stadiums.”
At present the Gibraltar football team have to travel to Faro in Portugal for their competitive international home games.
Meanwhile, plans for a new football stadium at Europa Point are on hold after more than 5,000 protestors signed a petition against it.
Some locals gave the new stadium the red card as it was set to be built on one of the Rock’s last unspoilt areas.
Government chiefs had proposed to build the new 8,066-capacity stadium on a 23,000m2 piece of land that used to be a cricket pitch.
As part of the ambitious plans for the new stadium, two vertical beams of light will be shone on either side of the Strait of Gibraltar.
The structure was to have full medical and media facilities, spaces for catering and retail outlets and the GFA offices.
However, it now remains unclear as to whether the stadium will be built.
For more information on the stadium, click here.