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Proximity to the new 'Parque Buleva' has become a feature to list as an advantage in estate agents' advertisements
16.01.15 - 10:51 -
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San Pedro's new park boosts local property sales and rentals
Properties and businesses for sale and rent by the Parque Bulevar have begun to rise in price. :: J-L
The recently inaugurated Parque Bulevar in San Pedro Alcántara has already proved its worth.
Prices of properties to buy and rent have gone up as a result of their proximity to the new and much vaunted leisure facility.
“Now, anyone who has a home or business more or less close to the park points this out as a positive aspect in their sales pitch,” say staff from the Inmobiliaria Ballesteros in San Pedro.
Estate agents from Almar, which is situated opposite the famous park agree. “Prices ceased falling as soon as they began the works and people began to hazard a guess that the whole area was going to be revalued significantly. The customary discounts are not being offered in the same way as before.”
Experts believe that this tendency is set to grow with the arrival of spring and summer when the splendour of the park will be seen properly and recognised as a major tourist attraction, they say.
Rental prices have risen already in some quarters. Rosa Barrios of the Eponymous estate agency says, without hesitation, “People have gone mad.”
She believes that rental prices have gone up by as much as 20 per cent with owners seizing the opportunity to take advantage of their location’s upgrading.
Damián Aguilar of Inmobiliaria Amigo points out, “Many more people want to come and live in San Pedro now that the park has been completed.
“It is an extremely attractive area, five minutes from the sea and five minutes from the town centre.”


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