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Three local inline hockey teams face a challenge from English sides in an international tournament in Fuengirola this weekend
09.01.15 - 13:14 -
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Ice hockey rolls to the coast
Inline hockey is one of the fastest growing sports in the region. :: ROY ROOS
It is not unusual to see people roller skating along the beautiful coast of Costa del Sol. In fact, the sport has been a popular hobby for many for years and seems to be gaining more followers year by year.
What is, however, a bit more unusual, is to see a group of men or women put on an almost full set of ice hockey gear and to jump into the pitch for some intensive four-against-four hockey. The sport itself is called inline hockey and it resembles closely its on-ice cousin.
Inline Hockey has been played in Andalucía for years. Malaga Hockey Linea were crowned as the Champion of Andalucía three years ago and have been doing an exemplary job of promoting this minor sport around Malaga.
Marbella, maybe better know for its active roller skating community the Marbella Rollers, is also the home for inline hockey team Piratas Marbella.
The newest team in Costa del Sol is an offspring of the Finnish Community in Fuengirola. The Lions, despite being young in the scene, have not been shy on the rink. They are currently leading the Liga Sur, an independent league of nine teams from the South of Spain, and are set to battle for the league title next spring with teams such as the Sevilla Dragons and HC Aguilas.
English test
The three local teams, along with several others from southern Spain, will be put to the test in the second international inline hockey tournament in Fuengirola this weekend. The tournament will be held in the Santa Fé sports complex in Los Boliches, Fuengirola on 10-11 January.
The first competition was held in September and then it was TWA Turku from Finland who took away the tournament title. This time around the locals will face a different challenge in form of the English sides Mother Puckers and the Broughton Blizzards.
The event will start early Saturday morning and the champion will be decided in the final on Sunday evening. Entrance is free for everyone and the tournament provides an excellent opportunity for anyone interested to get a glimpse of one of the fastest growing sports in the region.