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Education will be rocked by the opening of the Rock's University in the South District next year
16.10.14 - 17:48 -
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Gibraltar's £10 million university plans are formally launched
University challenge for Gibraltar - plans for the impressive new buildings at Europa Point. :: SUR
Gibraltar’s iconic new university is set to open in September 2015 - next to the Rock’s Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque at Europa Point.
The ambitious plans will see government chiefs pump £10m into the refurbishment of the former St Christopher’s School site, which will become the main campus.
As part of the education shake-up accommodation for over 200 people is also being built to attract overseas students and professors.
Four faculties will provide degrees in Health Studies, Sports Science, Business, Accounting, Finance, Law, Information Communication Technology, Life and Earth Sciences, Gibraltar/Mediterranean Studies, Tourism and Hospitality.
However, a spokesman said Gibraltar students will still be able to study at UK universities - a privilege which is free for Gibraltarians.
Chief Minister Fabian Picardo, said: “This is a fantastic day for Gibraltar as a whole. The university will be very much a part of the whole community and will bring prestige to Gibraltar and benefits to both the public and private sectors.”
Gibraltar’s Education Minister Gilbert Licudi, added: “It is a huge satisfaction for the Government to see our dream of establishing a University of Gibraltar take shape and be so close to becoming a reality. We have no doubt that the university will develop over time to become an important institution in a number of fields as a much sought-after centre for research and study. We are seeing the birth of something which I am sure we will all be very proud of.”
In addition, there will be courses covering Gibraltar Tax and Law, as well as an Institute of Professional Development and Continuing Education.
It’s also hoped that the university will host a language centre for teaching English.
The Government’s plans are expected to be debated in the next session of Gibraltar’s Parliament.