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Malaga becomes the international capital of fashion today and tomorrow with the world's longest catwalk
12.09.14 - 10:49 -
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Pasarela Larios Malaga Fashion Week 2014
The event brings together Spanish and international designers on the 350-metre catwalk:: SUR
The city of Malaga, whose commitment to culture and art is well known, will be hosting the fourth Pasarela Larios Malaga Fashion Week today and tomorrow. This event, which introduces the latest trends in fashion, has made the capital of the Costa del Sol not only a cultural benchmark but also home to one of the most spectacular catwalks in Europe.
The catwalk, which will be in Calle Larios in the heart of the city, is 350 metres in length and, therefore, the longest in Europe. For two days it turns Malaga into the fashion venue par excellence, in Spain and abroad, an exceptional showcase which will display the talents of the city’s designers and fashion industry, which is gradually making a name for itself and shining brightly on the world stage.
Today will be dedicated to Haute Couture, with displays of the latest creations from Malaga designers Montesco, Miguel Ángel Ruiz, Gemma Melé, Ángel Palazuelos, Javier Alcántara, Jesús Segado, Susana Hidalgo, Joge Martínez and Haute Couture international designer Ikram El Louah. Also, for the first time, an award will be presented in recognition of the work and professionalism of the models. The 500 euro ‘Premio a la Mejor Modelo en Pasarela’ will be awarded to the best catwalk model.
The city is also committed to supporting the talent and work of emerging designers, so prizes will also be awarded to young local designers as part of the multidisciplinary Malaga Crea 2014 programme. Rafael Urquízar is to receive the ‘Alfiler de Oro’ as a tribute to his prestigious professional career in the world of design and fashion. This award has been presented in previous editions to other great professionals such as Elio Berhanyer, Miguel Ángel Ruiz, José Pedro Zotano and Paco Ruiz.
Tomorrow the focus will be on the commercial firms, who will offer the latest trends and fashion novelties: 80 models will be showing off creations which are full of light, colour and fantasy. McGregor, Spagnolo, Mario Teo, Gisela, Jörg-Harald Loges, Sena Design, L’Etude, Río de la Plata, La Gioconda Novias and El Corte Inglés are some of those whose garments will be on parade, in the unequalled surroundings of Calle Larios. Those watching can enjoy the show in comfort, in seats on each side of the catwalk.
This initiative which, as explained during its presentation at FITUR, comes under the theme of ‘Fashionable Malaga, for fashion’, is organised by Nueva Moda Producciones. This company has specialised in the world of fashion for more than 25 years. It organises this type of artistic and cultural event abroad as well as in Spain, and is also the official agent for the Linda de España and Linda de Europa beauty competitions.
The event has the full support and total cooperation of Malaga council and the Agrupación de Cofradías as well as that of businesses such as El Pimpi, Kapyderm, Visuales 2000, Touch Comunicación, the team at Carlos Rufo hairdressers, Marie Franceo and the makeup team at Arteness, among others.
The Pasarela Larios Malaga Fashion Week is an event that should not be missed by lovers of fashion and design, who can enjoy discovering the latest trends amid a truly fantastic setting.


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