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The family may not be able to take the five-year-old out of Spain while he is still a ward of court in the UK
03.09.14 - 23:45 -
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Ashya and parents reunited in Malaga's Materno hospital
The Kings arrived at the Malaga hospital on Wednesday afternoon. Salvador Salas
While Ashya King, the five-year-old British boy with a brain tumour, remains in hospital in Malaga, his parents are working out a way of taking him out of Spain for treatment elsewhere.
While his mother Naghemeh King stayed with Ashya in hospital this evening, his father Brett was trying to recover full custody of the boy. Ashya was made a ward of court in the UK when the European arrest warrant was issued with respect to his parents after they took him from a Southampton hospital.
Brett King held a meeting on Wednesday evening with representatives of the British government.
After being released from prison on Tuesday night, and giving a press conference in Seville on Wednesday morning, the Kings arrived at the Materno hospitl at around 3pm. They went straight to their son's room for an emotional reunion.
Aysha's condition remains stable..


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