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The British Crown Prosecution Service withdrew the arrest warrant earlier on Tuesday
02.09.14 - 20:32 -
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Judge orders immediate release of Ashya's parents
Brett and Naghemeh King at a press conference in Seville today. EFE
Audiencia Nacional judge Fernando Andreu has ordered the immediate release of the parents of Ashya King, the five-year-old British boy with a brain tumour who is in hospital in Malaga.
Brett and Naghemeh King had been in custody since Saturday when they were arrested in Benajarafe in response to a European arrest warrant issued by the British authorities after the couple took Ashya from a hospital in Southampton. The Crown Prosecution Service withdrew the warrant on Tuesday, saying it would take no action.
The Kings told the court on Monday that they wanted to sell their house on the Costa del Sol so that they could pay for treatment in USA or Czech Republic.


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