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What to do in Andalusia


Frigiliana pays its own tribute to Al-Ándalus at the Festival de las Tres Culturas
29.08.14 - 13:13 -
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Three cultures, one festival
The event offers something for all the family. E.C:
Frigiliana’s 9th Three Cultures Festival takes place the last weekend of August. This unique cultural event brings together and celebrates the Sephardic, Arabic and Christian traditions and customs through music, cuisine, art and theatre.
The programme of events is similar to last year’s, with markets, worskshops, concerts and street entertainment. This year a new stage will be set up in Parque de Andalucía which will present a variety of concerts throughout the four days.
The Casa de Apero will host the nationally renowned puppetry of Etcétera in their exhibition ‘El alma del pueblo’, (a combination of workshop and theatre scheduled at 1.30pm and 6pm on 29th, 30th, 31st).
This year’s tapas trail will include two new routes, Mudéjar and Morisca, offering the typical tapas and drink for two euros, and a t-shirt prize for whoever can complete the course.
The festival is estimated to attract around 20,000 visitors, for which extra parking will be made available, although it is also possible to travel by public transport.
The Three Cultures Festival promises a family friendly celebration of diverse cultures and traditions.