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The Sohail Castle hosts the Fuengirola's Oktoberfest Olé!
29.08.14 - 13:33 -
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Music, German cuisine and lots of beer
Music to liven up the beer fest. SUR
The 7th Great Beer Festival in Fuengirola also known as ‘Oktoberfest Olé!’ starts today continues until Sunday 7 September in the Sohail Castle.
This year, an orchestra will be playing Bavarian style music live in the evenings and lots of themed parties are planned.
At all the parties there will be special promotional offers such as two beers for the price of one, German sausages at one euro each and free Viking hats.
The Great Beer Festival will be an ideal opportunity to sample traditional German cuisine with dishes such as pork knuckles with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut, various German sausages, crispy roasted pork ribs, creamy Emmental cheese, a variety of German salads, Bavarian desserts and the best beers.
The events take place from Monday to Saturday 7pm to 2am and Sundays from midday to 2am.