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29.08.14 - 11:58 -
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Malaga fans will know they got out of jail here. Athletic’s injury time equaliser looked perfectly legal and the penalty appeal against Kameni was huge. If this is a sign of what’s to come this season then it will be an edge-of-the-seat ten months.
What did we learn? Well, the hard reality is that Malaga will almost certainly be fighting to stay in La Liga. There is not a lot of strength in depth and players like Santa Cruz will prove to be vital. The potential star of the season promises to be Darder who looks to be maturing into a really good attacking midfielder. Malaga did well to hold on to him after a four million-euro offer from Aston Villa.
Duda should have known better on receiving his red card, you quite simply cannot raise your hands or push players in the chest without negative consequences. The positive may well come at the end of the season. Athletic certainly had one eye on their vital Champions League qualifier. There was not a better time to play them and they looked like a top six side.
These three points are absolutely massive and may well be the difference between relegation and survival. There has been a final push with Galatasaray to bring crowd favourite Amrabat back on loan. Finances heavily restrict the club, so careful, intelligent deals are a must.
Let’s hope every game is not hanging on for dear life in stoppage time, but then again, would Malaga fans have it any other way?