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The council says the chosen site is ideal but a pressure group opposes it because the bus station will be opposite a school
29.08.14 - 14:01 -
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Work starts on San Pedro bus station despite controversy
The contract has been awarded and the excavations have begun. SUR
The site has been fenced off and the excavating machines are already digging the foundations. Work has now begun on the new bus station in San Pedro Alcántara, after the council finally awarded the contract to the CFVC Construcciones company last week, and the building should be completed by the end of this year.
By awarding the contract, the Town Hall believes it has put an end to the controversy which has raged for several months over the location of the bus station. It is being built on a site opposite the Teresa de León school, despite efforts by parents of pupils at the school and politicians from parties in the opposition, who set up a pressure group to have it built elsewhere.
The council considers the chosen site, close to the old N-340 highway at the entrance to the town, to be ideal. “It is near the boulevard and El Trapiche de Guadaiza, beside the skate park, and the parking area that is to be built on the same site as the bus station will transform the entrance to San Pedro,” said the councillor for Public Works, Javier García.
Those against this location of the bus station have other ideas. Members of the ‘Por una Estación Digna’ pressure group, which does not believe the bus station should be built opposite the school, have been waiting for nearly a year for copies of the technical reports for the project and they wonder what the Town Hall may be trying to hide.
“This project is not what San Pedro needs. We are waiting for the Ministry of Public Works, the Andalusian Ombudsman and others to advise us about whether it is legal. This isn’t the site specified in the Urban Plan,” said a spokesperson. The group intends to continue holding protests and wants to find a legal way of stopping the building works. “The council should listen to the people and act in their interests,” it says.


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