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Mayor and delegation visit New York to promote the town to high-end tourists
29.08.14 - 15:01 -
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Marbella wants a bite of the Big Apple with new plans to attract luxury tourism
Marbella, a haven for wealthy shoppers. SUR
The town of Marbella has developed its own brand in recent years, a brand that has made the memories of past corruption scandals fade away and has replaced them with an image of Marbella as a place associated with luxury and opportunities for investment.
The local council has now decided that the time has come to raise awareness of Marbella’s image in the USA and a delegation led by the mayor is currently visiting New York to show what the town has to offer wealthy tourists.
The numbers of companies and executives based in New York are an important business opportunity for Marbella. The mayor has already visited the city once, in 2010, in an attempt to attract foreign investors but that tentative bite at the Big Apple did not result in a significant increase in tourists from the United States. This time, she will be holding meetings with important figures in the New York tourism sector as part of a hectic agenda.
One of the meetings will be with the Spanish Consul General in New York, Juan Ramón Martínez Salazar, and the delegation from Marbella hopes that this institution will actively collaborate in promoting the municipality.
Another meeting has been arranged with Turespaña’s representative in the city, Elena Vadillo, and the mayor will also be meeting the head of the Virtuoso luxury travel group, which has 340 agencies and more than 8,900 offices in different countries as well as the president of the luxury tour operator ‘Isran’ and also travel companies who specialise in golf holidays. New York has several golf courses and the sport is becoming increasingly popular.
The delegation from Marbella also plans to meet the vice president of Delta Airlines, the company which operates the flights between Malaga and New York, to discuss ways of promoting Marbella on board the aircraft and in the airline’s magazines.
This is a strategy that Marbella council has followed with airline companies in other countries, and it has proved successful. The local authority is convinced that the American market has great potential, and that the direct flights are a great advantage in attracting tourists from the USA.


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