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The Malaga team fought a good match against one of the strongest sides in the division
27.08.14 - 14:17 -
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Marbella win back a valuable point against Cartagena
Both teams fought hard to dominate the game. ABEL F. ROS
Marbella managed to secure a draw in their visit to Cartagonova for their first game of the season. The locals took the lead in little under 15 minutes with a goal by Tarantino, but Marbella didn’t waste too much time in setting the score back to a level playing field with an equaliser from Borja.
Having made a return to the Bronze Division of Spanish football Marbella faced their first match against Cartagena, one of the strongest sides in the division. The Cartagonova stadium welcomed two equally matched teams that were both exhausted by the end of the game.
The first half saw the most exciting action as in the second half it was clear that the players were beginning to tire.
In the sixth minute Cartagena’s Gato made a decisive move down the right wing to cross the ball into the area producing a potential shot on target. However the Marbella defence managed to clear the ball out of the danger zone. Just seven minutes later, in the 13th minute, the local team had a second chance.
A corner taken by Prosi was headed in by Tarantino to put the home side in the lead. From that moment the action heated up and presented the most exciting football of the game.
In the 23rd minute the visiting defence lost possession of the ball allowing Luque to have a shot on target, but it was only to be saved by Toni.
In the 34th minute a poor throw-in by Cartagena turned into a counter-attack by Malaga. José Hermosa took a shot but hit the post, however the rebound fell to Borja who put the ball safely away to level the score.
Shortly after, the Cartagena defence broke down and Añon was able to take a shot at goal just skimming the crossbar.
Malaga dominated the second half maintaining possession in the midfield. But Cartagena had two more chances to score, both of which came from headers by Hevia. The second just grazed the goalpost keeping the score 1-1.
The local side fought hard to gain back possession but Marbella proved to be well-structured and with clear, decisive passes succeeded in holding on to a draw.
Jaime Molina’s players had upped the ante in the last 30 minutes and it seemed that as the match came to a close Cartagena had switched off. When the final whistle blew the result remained 1-1.