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Further delays are expected as Spain begins work to improve traffic flow
25.08.14 - 12:22 -
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Spanish border work will mean traffic disruptions
The queue peaked at three hours at 8pm on Wednesday last week. :: A. B.
Motorists and pedestrians can look forward to “considerable diversions” in and out of Gibraltar over the next six months - thanks to the beginning of work to improve the flow of traffic.
The work is set to start on the Spanish side of the border on September 8 and last until March 2015, and is said to be in keeping with recent recommendations of the EU Commission.
The Gibraltar government said it was told of the plans by the Spanish customs officers at the border, but has received no meaningful consultation on the works to be done.
A spokesman said: “The diversions will affect all vehicular traffic into and out of Gibraltar including commercial and coach traffic as well as pedestrians.”
The statement added that all necessary diversions will be in place by the time the works are scheduled to start and that the government will make more information public as it becomes available.
The news comes after queues to leave Gibraltar reached three hours on Wednesday afternoon last week, with queues starting at approximately 2pm and lasting past 10.30pm.
As a result tailbacks stretched back to reclaimed land near Catalan Bay, as Guardia Civil officers searched cars and examined documentation. The previous Friday also saw motorists in substantial queues to leave the UK territory just before 2am.
To view the border queue live visit