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Making juices by combining fresh fruit and vegetables is an ideal way of making sure you get your recommended 'five a day'
22.08.14 - 12:56 -
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Make it a juicy summer
Fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A help to prolong a tan. :: SUR
The World Health Organisation recommends that at least 400 grammes of fruit and vegetables, excluding potatoes and other starchy tubers, should be consumed per person, per day.
Making them into juices and mixing them to taste is an easy and delicious option. To make the most of juices, Nutritional Dietician, María Garriga García from the Hospital Ramón y Cajal in Madrid, recommends that ice should not be added and the fruit and vegetables should be juiced with their skins on to increase the fibre content.
“The fruit should be very fresh and adding ice will just dilute the flavour and the nutrients. It’s also advisable to leave the skin on, although it should be washed thoroughly first. Don’t sieve the juice as this will remove some of the fibre, although this won’t affect the vitamin content,” she explained.
Fruit and vegetable juices contain a large quantity of nutrients but don’t satiate hunger, although it may feel as if the stomach is full and the liquid does help with intestinal function.
“They need to included as part of a varied and balanced diet,” warns the expert.
“It is not recommended to consume just juice in order to try and lose weight. There are no scientific studies that show these types of diets are effective. Fresh fruit and vegetable juice is natural and healthy and can be enjoyed by everyone,” she added.
However, the experts do recommend that fruit and vegetables should be combined according to the benefits that they have been shown to produce; some can improve tanning, others are super-hydrating to help combat the effects of excessive heat, others act as diuretics, or give energy... five important factors to help enjoy the heat this summer.