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Witnesses accounts changed the course of the investigation after a woman of 22 claimed she had been sexually assaulted at Malaga's fair
22.08.14 - 10:58 -
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Three youths arrested for fair rape released without charge as case is shelved
Three of the men upon being released from court. :: ÑITO SALAS
The woman had finished working at one of the bars at Malaga’s fairground early on Monday morning. When found crying by police she stated that she had been sexually assaulted by five youths and had her phone stolen.
The five were identified and arrested; two of them were under age and sent to a youth centre. On Tuesday the judge released the three adults and the following day, after hearing statements by witnesses who saw the woman being friendly with two of the arrested youths, and studying other evidence (including a photo of her smiling with four of them taken at 7.26am on Sunday), the judge shelved the case.
On their release men were greeted by family and friends upon their release with shouts of “innocent”. One of them said he was “scared” to go outside because he felt “threatened”. The lawyer for some of the youths said that they will be filing a complaint against the woman for reporting a false crime. The penalty for this offence is between six months and two years in prison.


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