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Local businesses show off what they have to offer amid a 'Chill Out' atmosphere
22.08.14 - 12:28 -
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Night-time shopping in Calahonda
Evening street markets are very popular in Mijas. :: M. C. J.
The month of August may be coming to a close but instead of quietening down, the programme of evening events in Mijas is not only increasing but also includes all areas of this municipality on the Costa del Sol. This weekend it is the turn of Calahonda to show itself off as a new meeting point for commercial activity and fun for local residents and visitors, thanks to the first ever ‘Calahonda Summer Nights’ event.
Manuel Navarro, the councillor for Industrial and Commercial Promotion in Mijas, officially presented this event this week. It has been organised as part of the ‘Hecho en Mijas’ campaign to boost local business, in collaboration with many owners of businesses in Calahonda.
The principal aim of ‘Calahonda Summer Nights’ is to raise people’s awareness of the businesses that exist in this coastal area, as well as introducing Calahonda to people who are visiting Mijas or the nearby towns for the first time.
‘Calahonda Summer Nights’ will take place from today, Friday 22nd August, until Sunday and will mainly be based around the esplanade in Calle José Orbaneja, an area which is very close to the entrance to Calahonda from the A-7 main road.
The decision to organise this event was made partly in response to a request by local business owners.
“At this year’s Festival de los Pueblos, several restaurant owners from Calahonda who had taken part asked why we didn’t organise some sort of similar tourist attraction in their area,” explains Manuel Navarro. The local council then set to work to see “how we could create an activity which would not only boost the businesses in Calahonda but also make people aware of how magical this area is,” he says.
The result is an event which has been planned with ‘chill out’ in mind, so the colour white will have a special significance, and the organisers also decided to create an image which has definite traces of ‘boho chic’. When the sun goes down, various fashion shops and restaurants will be organising displays and there will also be a stage for live music performances and a variety of entertainment and shows which are aimed to please all types of public, especially families. These live performances will begin at 20:00h and will continue until 02:00h on Friday and Saturday night, and until midnight on Sunday 24th August.
Unique setting
During the official presentation of ‘Calahonda Summer Nights’, Councillor Manuel Navarro stressed how perfect the location is which has been chosen for this novel event. It is an area of flat land in Calle José Orbaneja, close to the false tunnel of the AP-7. The councillor pointed out that until now nothing of this type has ever been organised on this piece of land and he said it is ideal because it fulfils all the security requirements and, also, it is large enough to provide plenty of parking spaces.
Artisan market
The ‘Hecho en Mijas’ programme which aims to promote local business and encourage artisan activities does not only include occasional events such as this one, which are organised by Mijas council in the summer months. In fact, every Wednesday between 11:00 and 15:00h more than 20 local entrepreneurs and new businesses which produce high quality goods show off what they do, whether it is gastronomy, artisan crafts or even services, in the heart of Mijas Pueblo.
This unusual and very popular market has been taking place every week for several months in the Plaza Virgen de la Peña, and an additional market has also been organised to coincide with the complementary programme of live flamenco shows which regularly take place in the Plaza Virgen de la Peña, and are organised by the Tourist Department of Mijas council.


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