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Work is already under way to convert the racecourse into a show jumping arena ahead of two European competitions set to take place in coming months
22.08.14 - 11:13 -
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Mijas racecourse to reopen thanks to new 20-year contract
The classic races will be converted into show jumping competitions :: SUR
Horse riding competitions will return to the Costa del Sol at the Mijas racecourse this coming autumn. The renting of the sports facilities - the racecourse and its adjacent tracks - through a new 20-year contract will allow this famous racecourse to resume business as usual, albeit with a new outlook following a revitalising renovation.
The company that has rented the facilities, Cop-Equisport, is the organiser of two European horse jumping competitions: one throughout the month of October and the second from the beginning of February.
To hold these competitions, which the Town Hall predicts will attract a total of a thousand horses from across the continent, the facilities need to be suitably adapted. Work is already under way to remodel two of the four central racetracks, which have been handed over as part of the contract, “following the same administrative procedures as the authorisation of a service”, states the head of Recursos Turísticos Mijas (the firm that manages the racecourse).
The facilities will be tested on how well the equipment adapts to the technical specifications of this new sporting event. The works have been ongoing since mid-July and are expected to be completed by September.
The sand will be replaced with grass and equipment. In addition a pipe circuit will be installed to get rid of the humidity on the terrain upon which the horses have to compete. These works, which according to the municipal representative involve an investment of over 2.3 million euros, are expected to have a positive impact on Malaga province.
The agreement proposes an annual fee of 220,000 euros for the last ten years of the contract. With regard to the first ten-year period there will be an annual payment of 20,000 euros, having taken into account the costs of the remodelling.
The agreement states that, in addition to renting 65 per cent of the total area of the racecourse, Cop-Equisport will also lease the stables.
Cop-Equisport will pay for maintenance costs, the arena lighting, insurance and will also provide money for the renovation project - the racetrack and some of the facilities belonging to the municipal sports board. In addition, there are ongoing negotiations for the company to keep on the current staff of only two workers.
The development of the project will be organised in a way that makes the space compatible for other events that take place throughout the year. The Sunday morning street market for second-hand products, a go-karting track, and themed parties during the summer months, are just some of the activities that revitalise the only racecourse in Malaga province.
The head of Recursos Turísticos positively values the leasing agreement saying: “It will put the racecourse back to use and extend the sports and tourism opportunities of Mijas.”


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