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The project is part of the project to redevelop an area to the north of Alhaurín de la Torre
22.08.14 - 11:33 -
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350,000-euro pavement scheme to create walking and cycling routes
Councillors hope to create a ring of pedestrian and cycle routes. :: SUR
The latest part of the redevelopment of the area to the north of Alhaurín de la Torre is to begin with the construction of a 400 metre stretch of cycle paths, garden areas and pavements, to link the town’s residential areas with the industrial estate, sports facilities and the nearby villages of El Peñon and Zapata.
The works are due to be completed in the first months of 2015 and will cost 350,000 euros. The creation of the cycle path and walking route will take place alongside improvements to other stretches of road that local councillors hope will eventually create a ring of cycling and walking routes around the town.
Plans to link the town centre with pedestrian access to outlying areas of the town began in 2009 with the creation of an avenue of gardens and footpaths through the town’s industrial estate but pedestrian access from there to the town has not been possible until now.
The new footpath will also provide walkers and cyclists access from the town to the new tennis courts and the recently announced municipal swimming pool complex, the first facilities created as part of Alhaurín de la Torre’s planned ‘City of Sports’, as well as linking to the new leisure and recreation park that is due to be built nearby on the site of a former water treatment works.


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