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West End actor Mike Sterling is performing on 21 August as he hopes to raise money for Coín-based charity CHAIN
20.08.14 - 11:53 -
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Phantom of the Opera returns to support animal charity
Sterling has portrayed the Phantom in over 1,000 performances. :: SUR
Mike Sterling, who played the lead role in the Phantom of the Opera in the West End show is returning to Malaga to perform in a concert that will help raise funds for a Coín-based animal charity.
Following his first open air performance of stage-show and operatic songs in Coín during a short holiday last August which raised money for the Coín based charity CHAIN (Charity for Animals In Need), Mike says this year he will be staying on the Costa del Sol for a much longer break because he wants his daughters to get to know the area better. “I really came by accident last year when friends invited me to stay for a short break but I really enjoyed Marbella, Coín and Alhaurín el Grande, so I decided to come back this summer and let my daughters experience it all.”
As well as having portrayed the Phantom in over 1,000 West End performances, Mike has also played the role of Jean Valjean and Marius in Les Miserables, sung in various other famous musicals and has toured the UK and performed in many overseas venues.
His performance on August 21st will be at Restaurante Los Arcos, between Coín and Alhaurín and will include songs from Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, other shows and some operatic pieces. “In some ways the songs I will sing on the night are the story of my life. Music meets you at different times of your life and that is why some songs remind you of certain events. Every song in my show is there for a reason and I hope people will connect with that feeling.”
Talking about his support for CHAIN, Mike explains “Last year I saw first-hand how volunteers were caring for rescued animals and they do such an amazing job but I also had a chance to support the Pink Ball last year which raised money for people coping with cancer and it was lovely to be involved with that.” He adds “I am a very community minded person and there are lots of good things happening in the Malaga area, which is especially important given the current circumstances in the world.”
Denise Walker, shop Manager for CHAIN told SUR in English “As a result of Mike’s performance last year, a substantial amount of money was donated to CHAIN. Without the support of individuals, like Mike, CHAIN would not be able to help the large numbers of applications for assistance that we receive every week. Applications for food, neutering and in some cases medical emergencies are a constant drain on our resources and despite donations to our charity shop, in La Trocha, we are always grateful for anyone who can boost our funds.” She went on to say “On behalf of CHAIN I would like to thank Mike and his friends Jo and Derek Rawnsley, who made the event possible, for their commitment to CHAIN and its work in providing funding for animals in need.”