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This investigation will determine the maximum depth of the cruise ships that will be able to anchor in the port, and the volume of dredging
20.08.14 - 12:41 -
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The concessionaire for Bajadilla Marina completes study of underwater terrain
A sign put up by the concessionaire at the port that details the progress of work. :: JOSELE-LANZA
The concessionaire for the project has completed studies to determine the terrain of the seabed in Bajadilla Marina. These investigations formed the last part of the research into underwater topography, which is required for the drafting of the construction project to extend the port.
This was the last stage of the first phase of scheduled field work, which took a whole week to complete. This marks the culmination of what the concessionaire company Naas Marbella has called Phase One of the anticipated tests and works on the port, according to the calendar followed by The Public Agency of Andalusian Ports. The two preliminary tasks were geotechnical investigations and topography studies. According to information accessed by SUR, this stage of the project has altogether required an investment of over 800,000 euros.
The study of underwater terrain, the third and final part of Phase One, involved the dredging of the seabed. To do this a technique called hydrographic surveying had to be employed. This uses a computerised sonar sounding system which sends out sound waves to determine the depth of the area below the surface of the water. The time it takes for the sound waves to rebound off the seabed and return accurately informs technicians of the real depth of the area, and therefore how much dredging is required.
In the case of Bajadilla Marina, this study allowed experts to obtain information about the maximum depth of the cruise ships that will be able to anchor in the future port, as well as information about the volume of dredging that would need completing.
The company contracted by the concessionaire has used hi-tech equipment to carry out the works, including a ‘multi-beam echo sounder’ (which emits signals in different directions), motion sensors, sound speed probes, a stereograph and GPS systems. All these devices allow for accurate detailing and measuring of the depth of underwater terrain, to every half metre.
Once all this information is processed, the concessionaire prepares the sufficient elements needed in the production of the construction project, which will take approximately 15 months to complete. This does not, however, imply that until then the works cannot be started, as these will be developed through phases.
On the other hand, a technical team of 8 architects contracted by the concessionaire company is working on the project in terms of the commercial and hotel zone, which is not strictly to do with the port itself.
The concessionaire has introduced some changes with regard to the redesign of the commercial area of the port, and has modified the location of the 23 storey tower that is to be made into a hotel. The layout of the 40,000 square metres of commercial area has also been changed and it is now going to be all on one level. Similarly, it has finally been decided that the hotel will be situated outside the port, although still integrated in it. By doing this, the concession holder is able to cut through the red tape that has come about since a report was made by the Headquarters for the Sustainability of the Sea Coast, (under the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment). In the report plans to locate the hotel within the port itself were rejected on the grounds that this area is to be predominantly a maritime zone.
The commercial zone project is scheduled to be completed before the end of the year.


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