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The attacking midfielder from Cadiz has been on good form during the pre-season and is a promising alternative to Duda when taking free kicks
18.08.14 - 18:06 -
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Luis Alberto: "Hopefully I can repeat the 11 goals that I scored at Barcelona"
Luis Alberto in training last week after his move from Liverpool. :: ÑITO SALAS
Malaga’s most recent forward signing, Luis Alberto, discussed the pre-season progress of his new team and explained how he has adapted into the squad in the past few weeks.
The player from San José del Valle has been one of the standout performers during Malaga’s warm up for the coming campaign. However, the high level of the team’s attacking players means that he is still not guaranteed a place in the starting XI for the first game of La Liga against Athletic Bilbao on 23 August at La Rosaleda. The on-loan player from Liverpool downplayed this and highlighted the good vibes that he is getting at Malaga CF.
“I am happy with the other signings that the club have made and integration into the squad has been easy. The loss against Fiorentina doesn’t matter because we will make progress little by little.
“The pre-season has been a bit strange with so many matches in such a short space of time, but this is normal these days. Now we can concentrate on the start of the league and improving our fitness levels.
“I like the other signings that have been made during the summer. We are an exciting outfit and play a good style of football. But I think that in one or two months time we will improve and be even better to watch,” he said.
About the possibility of making the starting XI in the first game of the league, the player did not want to make any predictions. “It is too early for anyone to know if they have a place in the team, it is something that the manager will have to decide. I feel comfortable here and the team spirit has really helped me to adjust;I am here to try my all for the club,” he said.
The former Sevilla player realises that best position is attacking midfield, although he is able to play in other areas. “I am most effective playing just behind the striker. It is true that for many years I played on the left wing, although I always had to cut inside.”
Passing specialist
With one goal scored from a free-kick during the pre-season, Luis Alberto has already shown himself to be an interesting alternative when it comes to dead-ball situations. “When I played for Barcelona B I took all the free-kicks, but at Malaga we have Duda who strikes the ball really well. The manager is aware of this part of my game and I was lucky enough to score with the first free-kick I had.
“At Barcelona B I scored 11 goals and hopefully I can repeat this again. However, my main strength is passing. If I can’t score any goals myself I hope to be able to provide my teammates with opportunities,” he said.
Luis Alberto realises that the number of players in the squad means that many may not get as many chances to feature. “Those that are not playing are there to support the squad but at the end of the day everyone is working their hardest,” he concluded.