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A number of mass attempts to enter Spain by sea, crossing the Straits of Gibraltar, left the Cadiz town of Tarifa overwhelmed
18.08.14 - 17:35 -
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More than 1000 immigrants rescued in Gibraltar Straits
Rescue boats arrived in Tarifa port with dozens of illegal immigrants aboard. :: EFE
There were two huge attempts by mainly Sub-Saharan Africans to enter Spain by boat last week.
On Monday the ‘Salvamento Marítimo’ (sea rescue service )and the Guardia Civil rescued 224 people, mostly men, who were travelling across the treacherous Straits of Gibraltar in rubber dinghies and took them to Tarifa to be attended by the Red Cross.
On Tuesday 835 people were rescued in similar fashion, in the biggest attempt to enter Spain illegally by sea in one day since records began. Tarifa council facilitated a municipal sports ground so that injuries, all light, could be treated.
Also on Wednesday 750 illegal immigrants scaled the border fences between Melilla and Morocco, many using crude ladders and steps made of wood, rope and metal. Of these 70 were stuck at the top of the wire fencing for more than six hours with evident signs of fatigue and deep cuts on their hands and feet. Three needed urgent medical attention.