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The pork market has been particularly affected after the Kremlin banned all such exports
18.08.14 - 17:21 -
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Russia veto on EU footstuffs has knock-on effect in Malaga
The latest harvest of fresh fruit is directly threatened. :: SUR
The latest veto by Russia of foodstuffs imported from countries in the EU and the USA, among others, will badly affect Malaga’s food producers, at least until Brussels takes measures to help.
A mere 2.6 per cent of Malaga’s agricultural food exports goes to Russia but still the veto’s effect will be felt.Producers of fresh fruit and vegetable will be the first group affected and soon, due to the short shelf-life of their crops.
As Benjamín Faulí of Asaja-Malaga (the largest agriculture association in the province), following a meeting with the Ministry of Agriculture in Madrid, explained, “It’s not so much that Russia is a key market for Malaga’s farmers but more that if goods cannot go there the European market will be flooded by them and inevitably prices will plummet”.
The Russian veto also affects meat, dairy products and fish and in terms of Malaga, especially the pork export market. In 2012 exports of this meat to Russia brought 25 million euros to Malaga - ten per cent of all sales. However a year and three months ago the Kremlin banned all such exports from the EU due to a number of outbreaks of African swine flu.
With this latest veto, motivated by purely political reasons, the hopes of Malaga’s pork producers of the market being restored imminently have been dashed.


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