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Due to an increase in take off and landings, both runways will be in operation every Sunday and Monday throughout August
18.08.14 - 17:50 -
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Increase in flights forces opening of second runway at Malaga airport
A plane landing on Malaga airport’s second runway :: CARLOS MORET
If summer really is the busiest time of year for Malaga airport, then this year is proving to be especially good. In contrast to previous seasons, the increase in take off and landings has forced the more frequent opening of the airport’s second runway. As such, both runways will be in operation - at the same time - every Sunday and Monday (peak times for air traffic) throughout the month.
Previously the runway was opened on the last Sunday of June (29th), and the weekend of the second fortnight in July (Sunday and Monday). Airport sources explained that this resource was set up in response to increasing demand, but also for the training of staff on the airfield (air traffic controllers, technicians, emergency services, etc.) to keep them up to date with proceedings. However, the second runway remains closed throughout the rest of the year as the first is able to cope with the number of inbound and outbound flights. This way the airport is able to reduce operational costs.
Although July reached some very high figures with regard to the number of flights coming in and out of Malaga, August is usually the busiest month of the year with some 1.5 million passengers using the airport. Coinciding with the first wave of the operation of the summer, it was predicted that, in just seven days (from Wednesday 30th July to Tuesday 5th August) there would be a total of 2,593 flights and 430,874 seats sold by the airlines.
According to Aena (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation), the opening of the second runway allows the airport to double the number of its operations during times of major congestion to a maximum of 72 flights per hour (inbound and outbound).
As a result, Malaga can be directly connected to more destinations (currently 120), and the number of tourists arriving by air can increase. Together with Terminal 3, the runway allows Malaga to receive 9,500 passengers per hour. (30 million a year).


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