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Huge clouds of black smoke and flames could be seen from the city centre as the fire raged in an area which has protected status
18.08.14 - 16:58 -
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Fire in the Montes de Malaga lays waste to 260 hectares of pine forest and scrub
Eight helicopters and two planes were deployed to control the fire. :: ÑITO SALAS
A fire which started last Sunday afternoon has destroyed 260 hectares of scrub and pine forest including 16 within the protected Montes de Malaga park.
The flames began just after 1pm in a zone known as Los Anayas in the Mariblanca region. More than three hundred people raised the alarm with huge columns of black smoke visible from many parts of Malaga city as well as from the Las Pedrizas motorway.
With the fire in danger of spreading into the Montes de Malaga park, an area of protected pine forest, an enormous fire fighting team was deployed, amounting to half of the specialist force Infoca’s resources in the whole of Andalucía.
This included eight helicopters, two with capacity to carry 4,500 litres of water, two planes used to dampen fires with red flame retardant liquid and two amphibious planes which flew over the bay of Malaga to collect water from the sea, an activity which was recorded feverishly on social networks.
Fire crews from Seville and Granada, totalling 125 people, arrived in five fire engines to deal with the flames. 45 fire fighters from Malaga were on the scene with eight fire engines and a supply vehicle.
The fire spread rapidly westwards towards areas such as Lo Conde and Zupide. The extreme heat of Sunday and the steepness of the territory made the extinguishing process difficult though it was helped  by a lack of strong winds.
At 3.50pm Infoca put out a number 1 alert which implies the need to evacuate people as a preventative action. Four workers and three guests were evacuated from the Hotel Humaina as well as ten locals from the Castilla Quintana area.
The fire was considered to have been stabilized by 8.35pm and all those evacuated were able to return after ten at night. Fire fighting forces remained on standby in Cártama throughout Monday.


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