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The Junta and Marbella council have signed an agreement to offer 75 allotments in the Parque de los Tres Jardines to retirees and unemployed
18.08.14 - 17:13 -
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Allotments on offer
The piece of land in the Parque de los Tres Jardines to be turned into allotments. :: SUR
The Junta de Andalucía and Marbella council, the two governing bodies in charge of running the Parque de Los Tres Jardines, situated in San Pedro Alcántara, have agreed to turn a part of the large green space into allotments for the cultivation of organic vegetables and fruit.
The area chosen is 6000 square metres in the ‘jardin árabe’ (Arabic garden) part of the park.
The council has already divided the space on paper into 75 lots and is currently putting together the rules and regulations for their use. What is known is that these plots of land are destined for three main groups - the unemployed, pensioners and collective groups such as schools and associations.
Working the land organically and growing food for personal consumption are two of the conditions for potential allotment holders. Watering with a hose and planting fruit trees that shade the neighbouring plot are not allowed while keeping spaces clean and cared for, with a slow drip method of irrigation, are requirements. Gardeners will be obliged to use their own tools and equipment and to pay a symbolic fee for water. They will only be able to access their allotments during the opening hours of the park.
The zone has been chosen because it is flat, sunny and easily accessible. The sites vary in size from 43.5 square metres to 54.5 square metres which is more than enough space to cultivate a sufficient quantity of vegetables to feed a family.
The plan is to allocate the allotments through a lottery to be held later in the year. It is hoped that gardening will start at the beginning of next year by the very latest.
Inspired by Arboretum
The idea and prototype for the allotment scheme comes from a working model, launched by local environmental organisation Arboretum. 30 spaces in the Finca El Trapiche have been cultivated for four months already in a project which has aroused a great deal of interest in Marbella as well as a long waiting list for allotments.


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