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Verónica Frías, a young mother, 24, was stabbed eight times in another case of domestic violence
01.08.14 - 12:04 -
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Young mother stabbed to death
Front of the building in Ciudad Jardín where the incident took place. Above, the victim. :: Á. CABRERA
He was waiting for her outside her front door. Verónica Frías came across him when she got in from work and they sat down to talk, on the stairs by the lift.
That’s where she was found later, allegedly murdered by her ex-partner. The 24-year-old had been stabbed eight times, in the neck, arm and left side.
Verónica’s alleged attacker, the father of her four-year-old daughter, was arrested hours later at the home the couple had shared in Puerto de la Torre.
On Monday night Verónica said goodnight to her colleagues as usual. “See you tomorrow,” she said as she closed the doors of the bar where she had been working as a waitress for two months, having told another employee that she was heading into town to have a drink with a friend.
At two in the morning she arrived home on her scooter. After a previous violent attack by her ex-partner, David López, Verónica had moved back to her parents home in Ciudad Jardín. López had told friends to drop him off there because he wanted to sort things out with her.
Found by neighbour
At 2.15am a neighbour came across the pair talking in the hallway. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary but when he returned to the building after having gone out for just a few minutes he found Verónica’s lifeless body and David López gone.
The young mother’s oldest brother turned up at this point and informed her parents and younger brother, who were sleeping four floors up.
At 11am a city-wide police contingent, led by special operations officers (GOES) finally tracked down David López at home in Puerto de la Torre and arrested him. He remains in custody.
The couple had a turbulent relationship and Verónica had been attacked by López three times previously, resulting in hospitalisation. The latest incident was just ten days before Verónica was killed and although she was advised by the Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer (IAM or Andalusian women’s institute) to go to a safe house she refused, preferring to move back to her parent’s home, where she said she felt safe.
On Wednesday evening Malaga’s Violencia Cero movement, which campaigns against domestic violence, held a protest which was attended by 300 people.
The IAM has received 6,000 reports of domestic violence incidents in Malaga so far this year.


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