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Irish musician Sharon Corr has released her second solo album, 'The Same Sun', and will perform at Malaga's Teatro Cervantes on Saturday
25.07.14 - 13:02 -
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"Looking back is a waste of time and makes you miss the beauty of now"
The Corrs have been inactive since 2006. :: SUR
Best known as a member of the four-piece Irish pop band The Corrs, Sharon Corr has gone on to build a successful solo career for herself. Since the group made up of the Corr siblings became inactive, Sharon has gone on to write two albums and become a coach on The Voice of Ireland talent show. “I’m loving being solo,” she said.
Corr, 44, has recently released her second solo album, ‘The Same Sun’, and will be touring the UK in September. Tomorrow night, Saturday, she will be performing at Malaga Teatro Cervantes.
–There is a lot of responsibility when making a first album. Were you more calm and confident with your second album ‘The Same Sun’?
–Yes I was - it took me some time to work out who I was as a solo artist. After making the first album and touring I finally knew who I was on stage. As a writer, the second album was much easier and clicked faster for me.
–Do you now feel more free to do what you like musically?
–Yes, I’m enjoying not having to run my ideas by three other people. I’m loving being solo! And I have grown so much as an artist.
–You say ‘The Same Sun’ is organic and very personal. Do you think there is too much prefabricated music these days?
–I think there is an awful lot of auto-tuned crap out there these days. It’s like fast food - cheap and unsatisfying. We have to be careful not to let companies push sub-standard product on us. An album should be crafted beautifully with intelligence and art. Anything less is not good enough - it’s the difference between doing something with love and attention and not caring at all.
-Do you believe that ‘less is more’ when writing music?
-I believe that it takes a lot of work and thought to trim a song back to the bare bones of what you are trying to express. Less is more, but you need more thought and work to make it less, if you know what I mean? So it’s kind of a paradox. The art is in making something appear simple while still perfectly expressing the emotion.
-What is your opinion of the young pop stars of today such as Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga? 
I think Miley can sing and has good songs. I’m just bewildered as to why she needs to be naked in her videos  - a real step backwards for attaining full equality and respect for women. It’s cheap and is a very bad message to our young girls and boys. But I believe Miley is young and is probably very influenced by other people telling her this is what she needs to do. Lady Gaga is super talented. The production however feels like an assault - definitely a chance for less is more! Justin Berber is talented and cute - I can see why the young girls are crazy about him. Not really my thing though.
-You’re probably tired of being asked about it, but will The Corrs ever get back together?
-There are no plans.
-After such success and achieving so much, why did the group break up?
-It was time to have our own lives and start our families. We had amazing success, beyond our wildest dreams, and really are very proud of that.
-Do you feel nostalgic when thinking back to the large scale concerts of the 1990s? 
-Not really. I’m very happy to have experienced it and I have very fond memories, but I am a person who is constantly learning new things and moving forward. I believe looking back too much is a waste of time and makes you miss the beauty of right now and the potential of the future. I’m loving making my solo record and touring the world solo.
-How did you find being a judge on The Voice? Do you feel that you have gained more young fans as a result of the show?
-Yes. I think it was an opportunity for people to identify with me as an artist and a woman. Sometimes, the power of the past can overshadow a little and it’s time to reinvent yourself, or in my case just to show myself as I am and always have been. I loved working on The Voice and one of my team from last year will be supporting me on tour in the UK and Ireland. His name is John Gaughan and I believe he is very talented.
-Don’t you think there is a danger of rewarding a product rather than an artist in television talent shows?
-Yes I think this always happens. However, an artist should never overlook the fact that a popular television show is a wonderful opportunity to get yourself heard and known. In the case of The Voice, it was an amazing chance to learn from artist who has been successful.
-You are familiar with Andalucía. What attracts you to this region? Have you ever been to Malaga?
-Yes I’ve been to Malaga many times, I love it! The people, the dance, the wine and food - Andalucía is a wonderful cultural experience and one of my favourite places in the world.