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Marbella will be home to Andalucía's first classroom made out of natural materials if a local charity can raise 71,000 euros
25.07.14 - 11:58 -
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A tree-mendous fundraising effort
An artist’s impression of what the classroom will look like. :: SUR
An environmental charity is planning to put up Marbella’s first building made entirely out of natural materials.
The ambitious project is being organised by Arboretum Marbella who hope to build a classroom out of materials including cane, clay, stones and natural fibres.
Once built charity bosses hope to hold workshops, courses and educational sessions on environment issues to around 8,000 visitors a year.
It will be made up of 8,200 canes and will take a team of 16 skilled ecological builders two months to build.
Now the charity’s director Alejandro César Orioli is asking locals to help raise funds towards building the classroom, which is expected to cost around 71,000 euros.
As part of the fundraising, the Argentinian will walk 120 kilometres dressed as a tree during the Marbella 4Days walking event from 9 -12 October.
He is asking individuals and companies to sponsor his steps for 0.20€ per step in order to raise 30,000€ to go towards the building project.
Arboretum Marbella is a charity which is creating a people’s forest in Marbella made up of native species to the province of Malaga including trees, shrubs, grasses and vines.
This forest is being planted using the concept of permaculture and is sustainable and organic. It is also playing an important role in protecting some of the native species of the region which are being endangered such as the Andalusian cork oak.


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