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Tickets have been bought from countries including Mexico, Sweden and Azerbaijan - with a predicted 30 per cent rise in the economic impact
25.07.14 - 11:42 -
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Starlite Festival to draw 90,000 music fans from around the world
Workers have been constructing the arena since June. :: Josele-Lanza
A month of luxury entertainment has begun in Marbella with the third edition of the Starlite Festival in the old Nagüeles quarry. Last year’s event had six million euros of investment and an economic impact of 40 million. Organisers are hoping that this figure will rise by 30 per cent.
With artists including The Beach Boys, Ricky Martin, Tom Jones and the Pet Shop Boys, fans are flocking far and wide for the month long festival. Tickets have been sold in countries such as Luxembourg, the UK, Czech Republic and Russia.
The number of concerts has risen from 15 in 2013 to 19 this year. According to one of the organisers, Ignacio Maluquer, one of the most anticipated performances is that of Julio Iglesias with all tickets already sold out. He drew attention to the fantastic natural acoustics of the arena, which surprise even the artists themselves, as well as the design that creates an intimate feel during concerts.


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