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Surburban train lines C-1 and C-2 continue to suspend some services because of a lack of drivers
25.07.14 - 11:44 -
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Cercanías train service cuts number of journeys due to staff shortages
Cercanías train service C-1 usually runs every 20 minutes. :: C. M.
The popular Cercanías suburban train service, which runs between Malaga city and Fuengirola (line C-1) and Malaga city and Álora (line C-2), cut a number of journeys with no advance warning on Wednesday and Thursday, due to a lack of train drivers.
In the case of C-2 the cancelled journeys have been replaced by a bus service. This is much less viable in the case of line C-1 which normally runs every 20 minutes.
According to RENFE, “this is a temporary situation and we are working to find a solution as soon as possible”, although the company has not given a date for this. It blamed the amount of sick leave - “which has doubled in the last month” - and staff taking their summer holidays.
However the CGT union refers to the recent redundancy of 500 RENFE workers and has announced its intention to call a rail strike on July 31st and August 1st.


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