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Mijas Pueblo celebrates a Theatre Festival and the 'Moorish Moon' event
18.07.14 - 12:12 -
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Humour, music and art at nightfall
Performances take place at the municipal auditorium. :: M. C. J.
These warm summer nights are ideal for strolling around the picturesque streets of Mijas Pueblo, but if the lure of discovering the traditional Andalusian beauty of the historic village centre is not enough, the council has organised a programme beginning this weekend in which culture, artisan crafts and tradition go hand in hand in the area around La Muralla.
Starting on Friday night (18 July), the Villa de Mijas Theatre Festival takes place in the Miguel González Berral municipal auditorium; this is a long-established summer event which has become very popular in the province. Luis Piedrahita is the first performer in the festival, beginning at 11pm with a show in which this comedian and magician who appears on the TV programme ‘El Hormiguero’ vindicates the importance of small things. Every night until Tuesday, at the same time, this open-air theatre will open its doors with a varied programme which aims to bring the most attractive cultural, humorous and musical events to the people through a variety of humour and music.
On Saturday, for instance, it will be the turn of the sitcom ‘Nos vemos en el cielo - o tal vez estemos en él’, with Francisco Florido, Marlene Mourreau, Pedro Javier Sánchez and Candela Márquez. On Sunday, monologists Diego Arjona, Jesús Tapia and Toni Rodríguez will appear in ‘¡Cádiz, otro planeta!’.
The two final days of this 28th edition of the festival will feature dance and music. On Monday 21 July it will be ‘Pasión Tango’, produced by Producciones Lastra and Orquesta Despiole, to delight lovers of this Argentinian dance form. The event comes to a close on Tuesday 22 July with performances by the musical duo Ara Malkian & Fernando Egozcue Quinteto, two geniuses who are coming to Mijas to present their interpretation of the pieces which make up ‘Con los ojos cerrados...’.
But nightfall will not only bring theatre to the Moorish fortress of the historical centre of Mijas. For the first time, the village will be lit with 5,000 candles in the first edition on the Costa del Sol of the Luna Mora, or Moorish Moon festival: an event which will take local residents and visitors six centuries back in time with a market where they will find artisan crafts, furniture, textiles and other products, as well as ecological food, spices and numerous delights for the palate.
Other events
The botanical and landscaped garden around La Muralla will also be the venue for numerous activities for all the family once the sun goes down, including dance workshops, street performances, falconry exhibitions and others which recall the times of Al-Ándalus. These activities will take place from Friday to Sunday, and they are free of charge. There will also be the opportunity to sample home-made foods made with locally-produced ingredients.
This event has been held with great success in previous years in other parts of the province and the organiser, Elisa Carrero, says that the attractions of the market will be completed by a project called ‘Eclipse’. This is an initiative which seeks to promote artists from the province and newcomers to the world of art, who will be exhibiting their works throughout the three days of the programme. The councillor for Tourism and Culture in Mijas, Santiago Martín, says the idea of combining both activities at the same time and in the area around La Muralla aims “to underline and enhance what Mijas has to offer in terms of culture during the month of July, and show Mijas Pueblo off to the world”.