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The Costa del Sol has grown in this sector and last year took 52 per cent of the total figure of 30 million visits in Andalucía
18.07.14 - 12:40 -
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Andalucía rakes in ten billion from sun, sea and sand tourism
Tourists continue to flock to the Costa del Sol’s beaches. :: SUR
Sun, sea and sand tourism is in excellent health in Andalucía - and especially on the Costa del Sol.
A new report covering 2013, ‘Turismo de Litoral en Andalucía’ (coastal tourism in Andalucía), has revealed the enormous attraction of the Andalusian coast, with 60 towns located by the sea, which puts an end to the theory that this sector is losing ground. A number of facts point to the particular strength of the beach tourism market on Malaga’s coast, the Costa del Sol.
The tourists who stayed in seaside resorts in Andalucía generated ten billion euros last year, according to the report. This is five per cent more in terms of finances and three per cent more in visitor numbers than the year before.
The Junta’s head of Tourism, Rafael Rodríguez, said on Wednesday that 13.1 million visitors came to Andalucía’s coastal resorts in 2013 and of these 7.8 million chose to stay in hotels.
“These figures mean that hotels are the main form of holiday accommodation with 52.4 per cent of the market. It is also true, however, that in recent years apartments and villas have become more popular and took a 45.6 per cent of this sector in 2013,” pointed out Rodríguez who also stressed that this type of tourism is very seasonal - with almost half of the year’s visitors arriving over the three months of summer.
In 2013 the hotels on the Costa del Sol hosted 52 per cent of the 7.8 million tourists who stayed on the beaches of Andalucía. The Costa saw a rise of eight per cent in visitor numbers and five per cent in overnight stays last year.
Of Andalucía’s eight provinces, after Malaga came Cadiz with 17 per cent of the total number of visits.


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