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A street parade worked its way down Main Street for three hours of live music, dance and performances
17.07.14 - 15:50 -
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Hundreds join Gibraltar’s Pride celebrations
The head of the Pride parade as it made its way down Main Street on Saturday. :: SUR
A colourful collection of people took part in Gibraltar’s first ever pride event last Saturday 12 July.
Almost 200 people took part in the street parade that started in the Piazza and ended in Casemates Square - accompanied by banners, balloons and music.
The event was organised by the Rock’s Equality Rights Group (ERG) to help celebrate the British Overseas Territory’s diversity, including ethnic groups, the lesbian and gay communities and those with disabilities.
Friday night saw British disability rights activist and comedian Francesca Martinez perform on board the five star Sunborn Hotel in Ocean Village, while a number of live performances were staged in Casemates Square on Saturday night after the Pride parade.
Equality Rights Group Chairman, Felix Alvarez, said: “This past weekend’s Pride celebrations have been a heartening, colourful, enjoyable and energising few days.
“Building civil society strength and unity amongst ourselves is the key to progress on all fronts as a democracy and society. It humanises us all! Even the institutions and its players.
“Bringing Francesca Martinez, with her ground-breaking show, was a dream we’d nurtured for three years. And with the help of the government, it became a reality on the night of 11 July. Not a single soul left that show without having been touched, many clearly re-evaluating the way they perceived themselves and others – for the good!
“Finally, now that ERG has initiated and laid down the framework and mould for Gibraltar Pride, we know the clear message underlying its evident and growing resonance has been seen and heard by all our elected representatives. And that Pride will continue to form an important element for the community on an on-going annual basis, providing over the years, the development of an important tourist and positive public relations asset for our country. We therefore look forward to its continuation on the annual programme of Gibraltar events.”
Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and other ministers from both parties, alongside the Teacher’s Association, Unite the Union, the Senior Citizens Association and Miss Gibraltar Shyanne Azzopardi and First Princess Kristy Torres also supported the event.