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An emergency on World Cup final night brought together a German dentist and an Argentinian patient, resulting in an unlikely friendship
17.07.14 - 16:00 -
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The World Cup final that took place in a dental surgery
Sorin Cristea and Rodrigo Ferregu, in the dental surgery :: SUR
Running up to arguably the biggest event in the football calendar last weekend, the tension between the two World Cup finalists was palpable. Only a medical or work emergency could tear fans from their screens - unlikely scenarios that became a reality for a German and an Argentinian in Marbella.
Dr Sorin Cristea has run a dental surgery for 14 years on the Golden Mile, offering a 24-hour emergency service. Rodrigo Ferregu, was suffering an unbearable toothache that forced him to pay a visit to the dentist’s chair. The two football rivals ended the evening in a sporting manner, watching the match together.
As was the case on the pitch, the German emerged as superior on the night.
“It was Germany one, molar tooth nil. At least the patient wasn’t Brazilian. Seven teeth would have been a lot to take out!” joked Cristea at the Clínica Dental Marbella, showing no attempt to rein in the pride he felt for his winning team. He dealt with his patient, however, with a larger dose of humility. Ferregu, 22, said that Sorin is “a great person and an excellent dentist”.
It all began about half an hour before kick-off. Rodrigo met up with his family and they were all ready to enjoy the World Cup final together. He’d had toothache for several days but the pain suddenly became intolerable. It got so bad that Rodrigo had to put plan B into action and seek medical help. “My sister-in-law’s husband knows the dental clinic and gave me the details,” he explained.
At the other end of the line Sorin Cristea answered the phone attentively despite it being such a critical night for football fans. Rodrigo was soon at the clinic.
“I saw him come in wearing an Argentina shirt. When I asked him for his documents they confirmed that he was Argentinian and I had to confess. ‘Do you know where I’m from?’, I asked him.”
The patient’s jaw dropped and he revealed a more pained expression than the one he had entered with.
Now fully recovered from his toothache, Rodrigo explained to SUR that when the dentist confessed his origins, he thought, “No! I’m done for now.”
Sporting comradeship championed during the evening however as the pair watched the match together on the TV above the dentist’s chair.
“After giving the patient a local anaesthetic and antibiotics we both ‘relaxed’ and watched the second half and extra-time. Both the anaesthetic and the antibiotics needed time to take effect,” explained the dentist, who in the end had to extract the molar.
It was a happy ending for both sides, despite the result, and the start of a friendship that has surpassed the walls of the dental surgery.


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