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The benefactor, who was treated for cancer at the hospital, has paid for half the costs of the expansion of the unit where chemotherapy and other treatments are carried out
11.07.14 - 16:18 -
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Patient donates 80,000 euros to Costa del Sol hospital oncology unit
Daniel Pérez with the head of the hospital, Alfonso Gámez, and health care staff :: JOSELE-LANZA
A cancer patient has donated 80,000 euros to the Hospital Costa del Sol to reinforce its range of services. The money has paid for half the cost of the expansion of the area known as the ‘Hospital de Día Médico’, where Oncology and Haematology outpatients are treated. These complex treatments, such as chemotherapy, require careful monitoring for possible side effects.
Few details of the unit’s ‘Fairy Godmother’ have been revealed except that she was a patient at the unit and a British national.
The donation has been added to the money raised by ‘Los Claveles’, a charity organisation run by the co-ordinator of the voluntary interpreting service at the hospital. This group, devoted to raising funds for cancer research and improving the life of patients at the Costa del Sol hospital, raised the other 50 per cent needed for the work.
The extension on the third floor of the hospital has been operating since June 2nd and was visited on Tuesday by the Health delegate, Daniel Pérez, who was shown around the facility and met the health care team. The representative from the Junta de Andalucía found out first hand how the extension work has doubled the area of the day hospital with the addition of 221 square metres.
The facilities have now increased from 18 chairs and two beds to 26 chairs and six beds, fully equipped with infusion pumps, crash carts and oxygen. The health care team has also grown with the addition of a nurse and an auxiliary.
Pérez expressed his gratitude to the British patient and to Los Claveles for their generosity and stressed how the activity at the centre has increased over the past year.
In fact, the sessions at the day hospital totalled 8,173 in 2013, representing an increase of ten per cent since 2012 and an 80 per cent increase compared to 2008, when a total of 7,388 and 4,756 sessions were recorded, respectively.
“These figures show that more people are coming to Marbella for treatment, avoiding 13,000 annual trips to Malaga for cancer patients,” said Pérez.
He stressed that oncology treatments at the Costa del Sol Hospital are among the best in Europe. And, since its inception in 2008, the Department of Oncology at the centre has made significant achievements in the area of research. In total, there are around twenty open trials with fifty patients participating.


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