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Homes and a tourist resort were evacuated on Sunday afternoon after fire broke out in the Polarsol area close to the old N-340
07.07.14 - 14:13 -
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Sunday fire scare in Mijas Costa
Several properties were evacuated due to the thick smoke. M. C. JAIME
Residents and tourists in Polarsol and La Ponderosa as well as in the Club La Costa resort in Mijas Costa were evacuated from their properties on Sunday afternoon when fire broke on nearby scrubland.
The smoke was visible from the former N-340 coast road causing hold-ups on the Malaga-bound carriageway, mainly due to rubbernecking.
According to Mijas town hall spokesperson, Mario Bravo, the around 55 properties were evacuated "not because they were at risk from the fire, but to avoid intoxication due to smoke inhalation". The residents and tourists were allowed back to their properties after the fire had been brought under control at around 8pm.
The flames had been totally extinguished by 11.30pm. Around 100 professionals from the Infoca forest fire unit, Local and National Police, Guardia Civil and Protección Civil took part in the operation.


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