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Mägo de Oz, Pendulum and El Puchero del Hortelano entertained crowds at the event that is valued at more than 600,000 euros
07.07.14 - 16:43 -
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Successful first edition of Weekend Beach
Mägo de Oz warmed up the crowd with their concert. :: HUGO CORTÉS
No sooner had the first edition come to en end, than organisers were already looking ahead to a second year. Vélez-Málaga town hall agreed to let the the festival take place in 2015.
Expectations were met and exceeded; more than 15,000 tickets were sold. “We want the festival to become an annual date on the calendar, because there is no other similar event in Andaclucía,” said Enka Tripiana, from the festival’s press department.
Mägo de Oz ensured that the audience was evenly split between the two main stages. Zeta, the group’s vocalist since 2012, charged their performance with energy. The flute and violin contributed to the folk sound of the band. Their set began with ‘H20z’ and ‘Santanael’ and they left their legendary songs ‘Fiesta Pagana’ and ‘La Costa del Silencio’ until the end.
One of the most eagerly awaited acts on the Friday night was French reggae group Dub Incorporation. The seven-piece band’s fusion of rap, ska and dub was enjoyed by the masses as they ended with their hit ‘Rude Boy’.
‘Paisajes’ was the song that El Puchero del Hortelano began with. The group from Granada combined tracks from their most recent CD as well as a mix of older songs from their extensive discography (with a total of seven CDs). The trumpet took centre stage during each of their tracks. ‘Tú Eres Eso’ added a romantic twist to their performance. The band also played ‘Pelusas’, ‘Ser Humano’ and ‘Hay Días’, but their set concluded with their most popular song, ‘Asuntos Serios’.
A mix of reggae, rock, funk, soul and other styles were sung by Tony Moreno of Eskorzo who also played on the Friday. Much of the crowd joined in during ‘No Estaría Tan Mal’.
Australian/British drum and bass group Pendulum were the biggest international stars. Their performance until late into the night was enjoyed by crowds as the first edition of the Weekend Beach Festival came to and end.


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