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In spite of the direct competition, all 2,300 tickets were sold during the eighth edition of the unique Ojeando festival
07.07.14 - 16:51 -
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Ojén transformed into indie town
Hands in the air during a performance on Friday. :: JOSELE-LANZA
A festival is to listen to good music, yes. To discover new groups, ok. But above all, a festival is to enjoy oneself. Ojeando no doubt achived this objective. Music lovers danced with their hands moving uncontrollably in the air, singing along to the songs of Izal, Sidonia or Delafé y Las Flores Azules.
Ojén is officially the indie town of Malaga province and for one weekend a year it celebrates its annual music event, Ojeando
This year’s lineup was geared more towards an older generation with perhaps more money in their pocket to spend. According to organisers, the number of street parties was lower than previous years which, consequently, increased the profits of bars. On Saturday evening restaurants were packed to the rafters. Meanwhile, traditional food was enjoyed at the artisan market.
Fangoria played a complete performance with a spectacular light show. Each of their songs was accompanied by four perfectly choreographed dancers dressed in tights of all colours.
It was a spectacle that was typical of Alaska, the group’s vocalist. She came, she saw and she conquered. Some 2,300 people sang along to the group’s rendition of ‘Dramas y Comedias’ and ‘Perlas Ensangrentadas’. “I have had an incredible time,” she said at the end of her act.
Fangoria was the principal act of the event’s most electronic night on Saturday. Other bands includedCopa Turbo, winners of the singing competition Nuevos Talentos, and Mendetz, who entertained the masses until three in the morning.
Spanish rock group La Habitación Roja went away from the electronic theme of the evening and played songs from their most recent repertoire. A lot has changed since the band inaugurated Ojeando in 2008: this year’s event was the third consecutive year that it sold out. In spite of competition from other up-and-coming festivals, Ojeando continues to draw the crowds for another year.


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