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The first edition of the Costa del Sol's beach festival has begun with three days of performances by over 60 international groups
04.07.14 - 13:14 -
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Rock meets reggae at Torre del Mar’s weekend music fiesta
Fuel Fandango are playing tomorrow at the Torremar Stage. :: SUR
The first edition of the Weekend Beach Festival has started in Torre del Mar. The event is one of the most-awaited festivals of the season.
Located at Poniente beach and with a fusion of genres it is hoped that the festival provides attendees with a unique experience.
There are three stages, each hosting a different style of music:the first with varieties of rock; the second with hip hop, reggae, dubstep and drum and bass; and a third with techno and house until the early hours.
The event began yesterday evening with a welcome party and it is expected that each of the days will be enjoyed by an audience of over 20,000 made up of locals and tourists alike.
The festival grounds have a market and food area as well as a range of activities available for hire including: kayaks, paddleboards and sailing boats.
Along with a camping area for tents and caravans, there are also fully assembled glamping tents available for those who want the comforts of a hotel in the heart of the festival.
International lineup
While the event will showcase some of Spain’s top alternative groups, there are also a range of artists from around the world.  Some of the highlights include Australian/British drum and bass group Pendulum who will be playing a dj set as well as French reggae band DubIncorporation who are performing tonight (Friday).
Tomorrow evening Andalusian duo Fuel Fandango will be taking to the stage with their fusion of electronica and folk. The group have recently returned from tours in the United States and China. “We have no limits when composing songs; we just mix together whatever we like,” said Ale Acosta of the band.