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Seasonal contracts reduced the number of people registered as unemployed to 189,769 and 220 people found work in the province every day last month
04.07.14 - 16:23 -
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More than 6,000 unemployed in Malaga found jobs in June
Most jobs were temporary. :: j-l
June is normally a good month for employment in Malaga because it marks the start of the summer season and also the summer sales. This year the figures have been especially promising: the number of people registered as unemployed dropped by 6,612 last month compared with May. June was the fourth consecutive month in which unemployment dropped and there was an increase in the number of people registering with Social Security.
Temporary contracts for summer jobs and optimistic tourism forecasts have meant that an average of 220 people a day found work in June, and the total number of unemployed is now 189,767. This is 3.37 per cent fewer than in May, according to figures just released by the State Employment Public Service (SEPE). This is the best figure for June since 2011, when 176,618 people were registered as looking for work, but it is not the largest registered drop in the month of June because last year 6,781 people came off the unemployment register.
In Marbella, the results for June were also positive. A total of 6,688 work contracts were signed, the highest in the month of June since 2009 and 409 more than in May. The interannual comparison was particularly promising as in June this year 14.52 per cent more contracts were signed than in the same month in 2013.
The majority of the contracts, however, were as a direct result of the tourist season as more than 90 per cent were for temporary work and 89.3 per cent were in the Services sector. 554 contracts (8.2% of the total) were for work in the Construction sector, 132 (2.2%) in Industry and 26 (0.3%) in Agriculture and Fishing.
In Estepona, seasonal contracts meant that the number of unemployed people in the municipality dropped by 380, leaving a total of 6,444. Altogether, 1,602 work contracts were signed in June, of which 1,287 (or 80.3%) were in the Services sector.
The positive figures were welcomed by the CCOO and UGT unions, but they also pointed out that it was too soon to celebrate. “This is due to seasonal work, mainly in the tourism sector,” warned Antonio Herrera of the CCOO. “It is temporary, low quality employment and contracts are sometimes fraudulent”.