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The VIII International Blues Festival takes place this weekend in the Plaza Virgen de la Peña
04.07.14 - 13:33 -
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Mijas and the blues
The heart of Mijas Pueblo will be the venue for blues performances by artists from all over the world this weekend. :: M. C. J.
A heartrending song with a 12-bar melody accompanied by harmonica and bass. That is how the heart of Mijas Pueblo will sound this weekend, thanks to the VIII International Blues Festival, an event organised by the council’s Foreigners’ Department.
As usual, it takes place in the Plaza Virgen de la Peña, where some of the best Spanish and international performers will be appearing on stage.
This event, which every year attracts lovers of the Afroamerican genre of music par excellence, begins today, Friday, at 7.30 pm and entrance is free each day.
The first to perform will be the Robin Robertson Band, a Scottish group who specialise in a fusion of jazz and R&B.
This is their first visit to Mijas, following a successful tour in the United Kingdom.
The desire of Jerimiah Marques to demonstrate the best of Chicago blues music is the secret of this artist’s success and he is returning to the festival by popular request. This time the band’s repertoire will include reggae for the first time. American artist Jimmy Thomas, accompanied by the Blues Eternity, will be performing on a day which coincides with Independence Day in the United States: this party atmosphere will make the first night of the festival a very special occasion.
The evening will be brought to an end by Bob Margolin, member of the ‘Muddy Waters Blues Band’, who will be accompanied by the ‘Tota Blues Band’.
On Saturday, the performances kick off at 7pm with the ‘Mama Paula Band’ from Malaga, offering modernised classics which are the perfect start to a highly entertaining evening. The ‘Lito Blues Band’, also from Malaga, will be next, performing the latest trends in blues and soul.
One of the major names on the programme, who always receives great acclaim in Mijas, will be appearing after nightfall: British artist West Weston’s Bluesonics returns with the inseparable harmonica and guitar shuffles in a European version of authentic Chicago style.
The American duo John Primer and Bob Stroger will be showing off the best music from the windy city, accompanied by two youngsters, Luca Giordano and Quique Gómez and their bands in the Chicago Blues project. The evening will be brought to the close by another band from Malaga, The Gangberries, which has been in existence for only two years but whose members have more than 15 years’ experience. They will be performing the best of this style of music, which is becoming increasingly popular in the province.
The final evening of the festival will also begin at 7pm with a mixture of blues, soul and rock performed by ‘Koka & T, Blues Mob’. After this, the organisers plan a further performance by West Weston, who will delight the audience for the second time in two days. ‘Gladys RockinG & Tres Gatos’ from Cordoba, promise to get people out of their seats and dancing before the final performance in this festival, when the wonderful Jerimiah Marques returns to the stage at the request of his many fans, old and new.