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Jerimiah Marques and the Blue Aces and West Weston's Bluesonics are among the 13 groups to play in the Pueblo this weekend
04.07.14 - 12:51 -
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Groups from around Europe take to the stage at the eighth Mijas Blues Festival
Jerimiah Marques and The Blues Aces at last year's event.
Chicago blues comes to Mijas this weekend as the annual festival takes place with three days of free entertainment.
Groups have travelled from around Europe to perform at the event that organisers hope will be one of the continent’s major blues festivals.
West Weston’s Bluesonics will be entertaining crowds with two performances, one tomorrow and one on Sunday. The group, from London, are associated with the Chicago blues of the 1960s but will also incorporate some Latin and rock and roll into their show. They have performed at every edition of the festival. “I look forward to coming back to Mijas every year, it’s such a beautiful place. As a professional musician you rarely get the chance to meet and hear other artists,” said Steve Weston who is the group’s frontman.
While for some the event is an annual date in the diary, for other bands this is their first time at Mijas. The Robin Robertson band from Scotland count on the strong voice of classically-trained singer Annette Chapman and have recently released an album titled Rrbb. They will be playing their own songs as well as a selection of covers by artists including Billie Holiday, Katie Webster and Sippie Wallace.
“We feel really honoured to be asked to open such a prestigious event,” said the group’s guitarist Robin Robertson. “I am looking forward to the buzz of playing at such a major fest and seeing all the local groups as well as Jerimiah Marques and Jimmy Thomas”.
Jerimiah Marques & The Blue Aces are indeed one of the most eagerly awaited acts. The group have been together for 14 years and are “looking forward to the sunshine and the social life in Mijas!”
“We have many influences but will mainly be playing Chicago blues and Jamaican blues with covers of Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson and Yabby You,” said Laurence Garman of the group.
Blues scene
It is expected that 5,000 people will attend this weekend, proving that the blues is still as popular as ever. “It’s music that appeals to all different kinds of people with varied tastes and preferences but there’s a common ground of music with a great vibe and feel to it,” said Robin Robertson.
This is a unique opportunity to catch some renowned artists at one of the Costa del Sol’s most idyllic locations. All performances are free and located in the Virgen de la Peña square.