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Rubberneckers caused more traffic problems on the A-7 than the blaze in Monte de los Manantiales itself
04.07.14 - 10:24 -
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Torremolinos fire, little more than a spectacle
The fire caused alarm but little damage. SALVADOR SALAS
A blaze that broke out in Monte de los Manantiales in Torremolinos on Thursday afternoon was of little consequence - especially compared with the Cómpeta fire a few days previously - with no homes threatened, no evacuations and only a relatively small area of land affected.
However as thesmoke reached the A-7 there were some visibility problems for drivers. However the spectacular sight of the flames from the road was what caused the most problems as drivers slowed down and some even stopped to take photographs - many of them 'selfies'.
The fire was first reported just before 4.30pm on Thursday. Around 100 professionals were called out to fight the blaze which was declared under control by half past eight.
A hectare of land in Calanova in Mijas burned in another smaller fire on Thursday morning. It is thought that this blaze was caused by work to remove a billboard with a metal support.


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