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Works by the Asturian artist, feted for his impressionism, go on display at the Museo Carmen Thyssen
01.07.14 - 10:49 -
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Regoyos, rebel painter of Ribadesella
The latest temporary exhibition at the Museo Carmen Thyssen features paintings by Darío de Regoyos, who died just over a hundred years ago. :: CARLOS MORET
For years his work was mostly hidden away in the back rooms of galleries and museums, a series of forgotten dusty canvases.
Now the talent of Darío de Regoyos, a nineteenth century painter from Asturias, whose work was markedly different to the patriotic classicism prevalent in the arts during his era, is on show for all to see.
“I am fighting to bring the marvellous painters that we have had in Spain to light,” said Carmen Thyssen at the opening of “Darío de Regoyos (1857-1913): The Impressionist Adventure” at her gallery in Malaga.
The latest temporary exhibition held at the Museo Carmen Thyssen is the first to have come from the Museo Thyssen in Madrid, in a joint venture with the Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao, and features 61 paintings by the rebel artist.
Regoyos was born in Ribadesella in Asturias but studied in Madrid and then spent ten years in Brussels where he took up the impressionist style.
A pioneer in a new form of painting which rejected realism and - in his case - deeply sentimental images of folklore, Regoyas met much resistance from classical painters in Spain.
With works which shimmer hazily with colour and light (some strongly reminiscent of paintings made later by Pablo Picasso), Darío de Regoyos has been reclaimed, as Carmen Thyssen wanted, as an important Spanish artist.