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Villa Padierna Golf hosted the last round of the golf tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of SUR in English
30.06.14 - 19:14 -
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Golf tour comes to an end in style
Participants, sponsors and organisers pose in front of the Villa Padierna hotel that hosted the grand final organised by SUR in English. :: JOSELE-LANZA
Pedro Ortega Gil was named champion of the celebratory event that was contested at some of the Costa del Sol’s best courses
The SUR in English 30th Anniversary Golf Tour came to an end last weekend after more than two months of competition at some of the region’s leading courses.
The final round took place in the luxurious setting of Flamingos Golf that belongs to Villa Padierna. Over 80 players competed in the final that was won by Pedro Ortega Gil and Víctor Saúl Naz in the first and second categories respectively.
The final round brought together the top finishers from the tour’s three qualifying rounds as well as 30 players invited by organisers.
Diego Hernández came second in the higher category and Jacobo Cestino, champion of Spain for over 35s, was placed third. In the lower category, Alexander Yudin was second and Luis Gutiérrez third. The highest placed women were Isabel Camacho and Rosa María Sánchez.
After the competition was completed, there was a buffet reception for players to enjoy. Brands including Freixenet, Caviar Per Sé and Vodka Syrenka also presented some of their new products.
Numerous prizes, including a weekend test drive of a Maserati, were handed out at the awards ceremony that marked the end of one of the country’s top amateur tournaments.